I've not seen in many years. It is a fun time for playing WoW.

Делимся всеми возможными известными для вас способами заработка: с вложениями и без вложений, простыми и сложными, в интернете и в оффлайне, для новичков и гуру. А так же ведем обсуждение на этот счет
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I mean I am uncertain if I could determine exact ratios between new players and returning players. But it's no question: tons of people are playing Legion at the moment and loving it. We saw high concurrency around the launch. Anecdotally, I've seen several old faces and guild members buy WoTLK Gold, from six, eight years ago appearing in chat rooms that I've not seen in many years. It is a fun time for playing WoW.

The most telling aspects of WoW's success is that it's an MMO that is pay-to-play. Nearly no other game has been able to do this, particularly after the years of consistent gameplay. But what has made World of Warcraft able to not just keep the model, but be successful in it?

In the process of thinking about different ways to interact with World of Warcraft , does the team ever think about the possibility of a console edition? World of Warcraft 14 is the big, successful one in the space but is that something you've thought of investigating, or do you believe that the feeling is "No it's an exclusive PC experience"?

It's something that I am sure we've talked about a lot at times. I think at its core interactivity-wise, as well as control-wise, WoW is a PC experience. I think World of Warcraft 11 and 14 were clearly jointly developed on PC and console, and very much console-driven in a variety of ways. There were choices that were made that let you go in one direction buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, and you switch to the other direction, and we've strayed into the PC direction many times before trying to bring that back to the console direction would be difficult in its merits.Certain developers have attempted using these loot tiers as inventive solutions to the long-standing issues that have plagued their work for years.