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Promotion of your videos 6 successful tips for them to be successful Disclosure of videos is a subject that raises questions in many content producers. That is, you produced a video for your project, it has a nice quality and with that ideal aspect of a professional production. However, what now: what is the best way to promote it. In this article, we are going to show you 6 practices for the dissemination of videos, whether online or offline, based on our experience as a producer of videos and audiovisual content. We want you to finish this text with the necessary information to leverage your material and to present effective results with your campaign report.

Come on Learn more Essential tips for your video promotion campaign Video dissemination tips for online and offline media 1) Advertise on YouTube This is the main action that medium and large companies are taking today to promote videos. And it's not hard to understand why, after all, YouTube is the Fax List second most popular social network in the world, with almost 2 billion active users per month, according to a survey by Statista . In other words: an unmissable opportunity for you to advertise on the platform and impact a greater number of people with your campaign, making your video a success and having thousands of views. You can make your campaign appear before another video that people are watching.


On the right side of the screen as a video suggestion or even highlighted for a keyword that you chose and that the public will search for in the search field. Cost The big advantage is that you will pay little for it (the cost of advertising on YouTube varies from R$ 0.05 to R$ 0.40 cents per view, as long as the user watches more than 30 seconds of video). In other words, you only pay when the user watches your ad until the end or clicks on it! In order to achieve effective results, in addition to doing the basics of any online advertisement (such as assertively segmenting your audience based on age, location, gender and interest), it is essential that you capture the user's attention in the first 10 seconds of video.