Leadster Features Real-Time Results with the Performance Dashboard

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One of the factors that differentiate complete strategies from those that still need improvement is. The monitoring of success metrics . Without being aware of the objectives and indicators that bring us closer to the desired results, there is no way to act in a truly strategic way. In this context, the performance dashboard is a very interesting tool, as it centralizes the most relevant metrics, shows data in an easy and intuitive way and directs you to opportunities and improvements that need to be made.

Therefore Leadster highlights this feature on the platform and. We will tell you all the details about it here. What is Leadster's performance dashboard? What is Leadster's performance dashboard? On the Leadster platform you have a dashboard with the performance Buy Email Database metrics of the tool on your website. Through this functionality, you can view all the information regarding the conversion, the complete list of generated leads, as well as tips to optimize the performance of your virtual salesperson. It is also possible to filter the data by date, access devices and active flows.


Advantages of the performance dashboard Advantages of the performance dashboard. A dashboard with metrics is essential for building strategy, supporting decision-making and better distributing the company's efforts and resources. In addition, Leadster's performance dashboard offers the following advantages: real-time results The metrics dashboard to track your performance is updated automatically and in real time, without relying on spreadsheets or manual work. This democratizes access to information and frees up your team's time, which can focus on other activities.