Seller The art of balancing stepping on boats

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Think of a sale as two boats. In one boat there is the business and in the other the customer. The goal of both is to reach the port or otherwise the goal that each passenger has. For the company, the goal is the profit from achieving the sale, while for the customer, the satisfaction of obtaining the product or service they wanted, on the best possible terms. And somewhere here comes the role of the seller. Of the man who has to balance between these two boats, pulling an oar at the same time.

How hard is it Many consider that the most demanding part of a salesperson's job is to achieve the sale. And indeed it is, but that's not all. You see, the salesperson is required to successfully respond not only to the demands of his customers Country Email List but also to the demands of the business he works for. So, while he must be motivated by the motivation to serve his customers, offering them the solutions they need according to their needs, at the same time he must promote those solutions that the company indicates to him, with the motivation of course being the biggest profit.


So what does he do in this case? Finds the balance! When you stand on two boats, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is to avoid conflict between them. The second, do not allow the boats to move away to such an extent that you yourself will find yourself in the sea! Let's see in more detail what I mean. In the first case, the seller must, with his feet or otherwise with your skills, maintain a distance between the wants of the business and the wants of his customers. The business wants to sell.