Quickly Grow Your Email List with Wpforms Sendinblue Addon

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Are you using sendinblue for your email marketing ? And want to create smart contact forms in wordpress to boost your results? Wpforms has made it much easier for users to create unlimited newsletter signup forms for sendinblue 's email marketing platform. The wpforms sendinblue add-on helps you organize your leads, automate your marketing and engage your subscribers. As? Continue reading this article! What is sendinblue? Sendinblue is a sensational tool that gives companies the power to improve their relationship with customers. Betting on customer relationships as a true marketing partnership, sendinblue started its activities as a digital agency, which later allowed it to fully recognize the needs of young companies.

In other words, having gone through the same difficulties that marketing managers have when they need tools that efficiently adapt to their growth, the company bet on the creation of a resource that precisely fulfills this purpose. The truth is that most online marketing solutions are designed for the big Phone Number List companies, with the price following this pattern. That's how sendinblue came about : its resources, customer service and rates were designed for small and medium-sized companies, as this is undoubtedly their target audience. It doesn't matter if you want to manage email campaigns, send sms or save time with marketing automation : whatever your mission and objective, sendinblue can help you efficiently, at a fair price and in your language.


Currently sendinblue already helps more than 50,000 companies in the world to develop their activities, thanks to digital marketing. It is true that in this blog we recommend several email marketing services , such as e-goi , aweber or mailchimp , which are 3 of the most popular services in this sector. But sendinblue , for example, is an alternative to mailchimp in portuguese. While mailchimp (like e-goi and aweber ) charge for the volume of contacts in your lists, in addition to the volume of emails you want to send, sendinblue does not. If you already send bulk emails, then switching from mailchimp to sendiblue will help you make big savings. Because? At sendinblue they don't bill you for your list growth, just for the emails you send.