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Mobile Marketing Ever heard of it Still not using it in your digital strategy Anyone who has not yet identified this new marketing paradigm and is unable to apply and manage the various mobile platforms in a marketing campaign should read this article even before starting to define a mobile marketing strategy. Mobile Marketing is the term used to define marketing actions carried out through mobile devices. Today, smartphones and tablets have become the main tool used for reading news, communicating, socializing, browsing and shopping.

Mobile devices allow users to interact with friends family and acquaintances quickly anytime, wherever they are. Aware of these advantages, many companies bet C Level Executive List on approaching customers through these new technologies, either to make their brands better known in the market or to increase the number of sales. Marketers and business people who don't understand the limitless consumer – on the go and always online – risk becoming obsolete.


Mobile Marketing is thus the set of marketing strategies that take advantage of the characteristics and functionalities of mobile devices to interact, relate and influence customers and potential customers, whatever the mobile device they use in their daily lives. Inserting Mobile Marketing into a digital marketing strategy offers several advantages for companies that invest in this type of promotion. Start treating mobile phones as another way to reach your audience, creating attractive branded content so that your users choose them and be one of the first to take advantage of mobile marketing! Mobile commerce (or m-commerce ) has been gaining attractiveness both internationally and nationally, as the app economy grows every day.