Did you know that WeLabs is now 8Ps Business School?

Здесь можете выкладывать все, о известной вам халяве: в интернете и оффлайне, по почте, денежная халява и прочая.
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It's true all the content of the WeLabs portal was adapted for Conrado Adolpho's new 8Ps Business School an incredible platform that brings together a gigantic digital collection accessible for a very appealing monthly price. Now, for just R$49.00 MONTHLY , you can access the platform that brings together all the intelligence and experience of Conrado Adolpho 's 20 years of business : the 8Ps Business School . Despite the huge success of the WeLabs platform (which has more than 2 thousand subscribers), the Brazilian entrepreneur decided to change the direction of his digital business again.

Instead of carrying out major launches Job Function Email Database periodically throughout the year Conrado Adolpho created a new platform with updated methods and content that aim to leverage entrepreneurs' businesses with physical, digital or service products. What are the advantages for students of the 8 Ps Business School Basically, Conrado Adolpho decided to change his offer in the digital marketing market , now bringing together more than 20 years of experience in a huge platform of content on digital marketing , which is mainly intended “for business leverage.


If you regularly read our blog you are well aware of the importance we attach to the 8Ps Method and the execution of 8Ps Projects , so it is with great pleasure that we recommend this new platform to anyone who wants to prosper on the Internet. Conrado Adolpho defines this new portal as follows: “ Escola de Negócios 8Ps is an online school that already has more than 2,000 students from all over the country and from several other countries as well (including liberal professionals, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs) who learn the most powerful, efficient and cheapest strategies to set up and leverage your businesses, whether physical businesses or digital businesses.